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Top 10: Worst Hockey Helmets of All Time

You gotta love the creative helmet designs over the years, everything from the “Torspo” to the “Bee Hive”, let’s take a look at the courageous soldiers who sported these odd hats and countdown the 10 all time worst lids.

10. Mark Messier – Cooper SK 2000 – aka “The Cooper Wings”

9. Wayne Gretzky – Jofa aka “The Gretzky Helmet”

8. Mats Naslund – Torspo aka “The Torspo”

7. Mario Lemieux – Jofa aka “The Jofa Egg”

6. Denis Savard – Unknown aka “The Dumb Denis Helmet”

5. Gilbert Perreault – Cooper XL7 aka “The Bee Hive”

4. Mike Foligno – Northland aka “The Dome”

3. Butch Goring – Snaps aka “The 3 Piece Beast”

2. Craig Ramsay – ??? aka “wtf”

1. Petr Klima – Jofa aka “The Garbage Can”

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