Steve Licking Ott Named Co-Captain

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Don’t get me wrong Steve Ott is a decent player and often has an impact on games as a grinder and pest, but I do contest the call of giving him the “C”. It is quite obvious over the past year that the Sabres are having issues on and off the ice. So in order to solve this, they name a guy with discipline issues to help establish leadership. Call me old fashioned but I do not think you should rely on a guy who licks other guys to lead.

Frazer McLaren – The Toxic Avenger

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For all those bad 80′s movie buffs out there, it has just been confirmed that Fraser McLaren is the Toxic Avenger!

Frazer McLaren - Toxic Avenger

Winnipeg Chants Let’s Go Blue Jays

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Jets Blue JaysThe Leafs fall 5-2 to the Jets as the MTS Center chants Let’s Go Blue Jays!

The wheels fell off in the third as Evander Kane lit up Reimer on a breakaway, this lead to Carlyle pulling the hometown kid. Scrivens did fair well either giving up his first shot on net.

All in all the Leafs looked like a joke tonight, a fricken joke and the Winnipeg crowd made sure to make the buds feel at home by mocking them with the recently popular chant from the ACC, Let’s Go Blue Jays!

Dick-fil-a Logo

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In protest of the recent words from Chick-fil-a CEO Truett Cathy, I present the anti-Chick-fil-a logo, the Dick-fil-a.