Thomas, A Real Dick-fil-a

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As most people have heard the founder and CEO of Chick-fil-a felt it necessary to voice his prejudice beliefs recently and Tim Thomas has stepped up in support.

Cathy and Thomas, what a dick…… fil-a.

Wheelz:: I went from being a big tim Read more

Holmes to Test Free Agency, Burkie Says Asking Price is too High

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Katie Holmes has decided to pass on a new contract with the Cruisers and test the market.

Brian Burke has reported that he will pass on Holmes as he will also do with Suter and Parise due to a high asking price.

Burke will set his sights on Read more

It’s Official Brodeur Has Gone to Market

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The Real Trophies at the NHL Awards

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STG is proud of all the studs in the NHL for their on-ice performance, their achievements, their success, and their trophy wives and dates. Good on ya, boys. This post celebrates the other trophies that were present at the NHL Awards last night. Enjoy, Read more