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Thomas, A Real Dick-fil-a

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As most people have heard the founder and CEO of Chick-fil-a felt it necessary to voice his prejudice beliefs recently and Tim Thomas has stepped up in support.

Cathy and Thomas, what a dick…… fil-a.

Wheelz:: I went from being a big tim Read more

Rick Stache to the Rangers Talk

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Snake:: Rumor is Nash is going to the Rangers… could drop soon
Wheelz:: ya, I thought he would end up there, u can tell he wanted it. It has been an issue of hammering out the specifics with Howson and Slates.
Snake:: What would you give up?
Snake:: If Read more

Weber Wars

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Wheelz: weber, wow, i am shocked
Wheelz: hey
Snake: hey
Snake: just wake up?
Wheelz: no, i messaged like 3 times today
Wheelz: about weber
Snake: really? this is the first I got
Snake: shit is crazy
Wheelz: I was shocked
Snake: philly is Read more