Steve Licking Ott Named Co-Captain

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Don’t get me wrong Steve Ott is a decent player and often has an impact on games as a grinder and pest, but I do contest the call of giving him the “C”. It is quite obvious over the past year that the Sabres are having issues on and off the ice. So in order to solve this, they name a guy with discipline issues to help establish leadership. Call me old fashioned but I do not think you should rely on a guy who licks other guys to lead.

Another Joke

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Lindy Ruff non-stop jokes.

Wait for it “Suck it Phaneuf, Wooo”

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Scott Hartnell is mic’d up – Suck it Phaneuf, Wooo!

Don Cherry kisses Nazem Kadri, a.k.a. ‘giving him the Gilmour’ (Video)

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When does an NHL player really know he’s arrived as a star in Toronto? Having his own waitress at Real Sports? Getting name-checked in a Drake lyric? No, there’s really only one endorsement that elevates great players to Ontarian deity status: Getting a kiss from Don Cherry.

Welcome to the big time, Nazem Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs:

Good to see Don wore his lovely lilac jacket for the occasion. Must have been like getting kissed by a handkerchief filled with blueberry yogurt.

The smooch occurred after Kadri’s hat trick helped the Leafs beat the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night; his second trick of the season to move him into sixth in the NHL scoring race (at a plus-20).

Like we said: Rarefied status for Kadri. Because he was given the Gilmour:

Granted, Doug Gilmour got the lips while Nazem Kadri got the cheek.

Gives you something to strive for, kid.