Mice on the Ice – Maple Leaf Gardens

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It’s Saturday afternoon, I am doing some work with Maple Leafs Classics playing in the background.

The game is the Leafs vs Oilers – March 29, 1980.

There is a scramble in front of the Leafs net, Mike Palmateer falls out of position and looks back to see a loose puck trickling towards an open Toronto net. At the last minute Borje Salming is in front of the net and collapses on the puck in the crease resulting in an Edmonton penalty shot awarded to Stan Weir.

And then, out of nowhere a disgruntled Maple Leaf fan pulls out his trusty pocket full of mice and flings them to the ice to distract Weir, lol.

How random is that? I remember the rubber rats in Florida during the mid 90′s but I have never seen this.

Apparently Dave Farrish tell the team to back off and stay away from the mice because he once encountered a mouse in the old Sabres Arena and launched it with a slap shot. The crowd was horrified and he had to leave the stadium with security.

Parents Fight at Minor Hockey Tournament

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The Bantam C OMHA finals on March 23rd, 2013 had some unexpected excitement in the stands as parents decided to duke it out.

Six Nations vs. Tweed.

Streaker jumps onto ice during Calgary Flames game, briefly (VIDEO)

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Apparently, one fan wasn’t about to let the Chicago Blackhawks have the only streak in the Western Conference this season.

In the second intermission of the Calgary Flames’ 4-1 home victory against the San Jose Sharks, a spectator jumped over the glass wearing nothing but red briefs and did a silly walk on the Scotiabank Saddledome ice before he was escorted away:

Get a good look at our scantily clad friend here.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of self-respecting streaker doesn’t go the Full Monty.

Reason No. 1: Shrinkage, we imagine.

Reason No. 2: There’s a rather sad precedent for streaking naked at Flames games, as in 2002 a fan wearing only a pair of red socks slipped on the ice, was knocked unconscious when his head hit on the surface and was removed via stretcher. The 21 year old later pleaded guilty to public drunkenness.

In a weird twist, both streakers invaded a Flames game against a Joe Thornton team. Said Thornton back in 2002, when asked if the streaker was a Bruins fan: “He had red socks on. You guys can have him.”

s/t Deadspin

Blackhawks anthem singer Jim Cornelison shatters beer mugs with voice, honoring Cubs legend (VIDEO)

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At this point, it’s OK to feel raging jealously over the Chicago Blackhawks. Not only are they on a 21-game point streak to start the season, obliterating the previous NHL record; but apparently their national anthem singer’s voice can be weaponized.

Here is the great Jim Cornelison, anthem singer for Blackhawks home games, singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at the “Toast for Harry” on Feb. 28 at the Navy Pier in Chicago – and shattering glasses when he hits the finale note. Amazing:

We imagine the Chicago Cubs‘ legendary broadcaster Harry Caray, who would have turned 99 years old this week, would have been honored by Cornelison’s feat … and horrified by all the beer that was spilled as a result of it.

Another glimpse of the glass-shattering performance:

Put Jim Cornelison in a bar, and good things happen. Now we’re pulling hard for a Chicago vs. Boston Bruins matchup in the Stanley Cup Final, if only for the dueling greatness of Corny vs. Rene Rancourt.

s/t Mark Weyermuller

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